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Bonnie Wacker





Teacher Bonnie - Robin Ann Fabros

Bonnie Wacker – Director and Head Teacher

Bonnie Wacker is a credentialed early childhood education Montessori teacher through Western American Montessori Society. She also holds an early childhood education certificate from UCLA. And, a B.A. in Business from Cal Poly Pomona. She has certification from EDU-Therapeutics in Dyslexia Remediation. She is a state licensed childcare provider.

Her experience with children includes more than 22 years teaching preschool (8 years of teaching at Peninsula Montessori in Rancho Palos Verdes in a Montessori preschool classroom, 2 years teaching Mommy and Me music and movement to toddlers and most recently the last 12 years as teacher/administrator of our preschool cooperative).

She has pursued additional study in music, art, horticulture, ballet, yoga, sensori-motor education, dyslexia education, speech/language therapy and parenting education. Prior to teaching, she managed marketing and business seminars and conferences for a computer software manufacturer for 10 years.

Bonnie loves to teach and makes it fun as well as inspirational and educational. She combines the Montessori Method with current teaching practices and the newest remediation teaching techniques based on research in child development. Her approach is guided with love for the children and infused with lots of hands on exploration and fun.

Her program is truly unique and incorporates the best of the best techniques for teaching young children. Bonnie has two daughters who were in the first and second graduating classes of the preschool and now attend Culver City Unified Schools. Bonnie also serves as Panther Partners President at Culver City Middle School and is actively involved in fundraising for our local public schools. The Montessori preschool coop program was initially conceived to accommodate Bonnie’s two children and her friends with two children.

Robin Ann Fabros

Robin Ann is the second Teacher in our classroom on Tuesday and Wednesday. She also hosts field trips several times a year to teach the students "masters based" experiential art, which we call "Art Garage". Robin Ann has a Master's Degree in Education and taught elementary school as a California Multiple Subject Credentialed teacher in East Whittier City School District for 5 years. She also taught one year in Quito, Ecuador at an international school before staying home as a full time mother for her two children. When her youngest daughter attended preschool at My Friends Montessori Preschool a great partnership developed between Bonnie and herself. She stayed on as the second Teacher and Art Specialist when her daughter went to Kindergarten.