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It’s the way all preschools should be…fun and educational!

Bonnie Wacker



Teacher Bonnie - Laughing Kids




I would highly, highly recommend My Friends’ Montessori Preschool Coop. My daughter is in her second year, and has flourished so much. Teacher Bonnie is so kind and loving, and has such great knowledge and enthusiasm for every subject she teaches. It's also small, so each child gets a lot of individual attention. My daughter is already starting to read. The field trips are also an amazing component. My daughter can look around her world and apply what's she's learned. Bees are not just bees - they are "insects" and "pollinators"! And of course, she has a lot of fun with singing, painting, playing and everything else preschool should be.
- Becky Gonzalez 2008

I have found an excellent home preschool (3 – 5 year olds) in Culver City for my son that I highly recommend for those looking for a small attentive environment and want a part time program with parent involvement. The teacher has an incredible mixture of training (Montessori, Occupational Therapy, Music Education for children and more) and creates her own unique blend of mindful, smart, sensitive education for young children.
- Ilaan Egeland Mazzini 2009

Bonnie is an exceptional teacher. Not only do children learn, but they love it. The parents still ask, “When is she coming back?”
- Claudia Krikorian
Owner/Administrator Peninsula Montessori School, Rancho Palos Verdes

We have been very happy with My Friends’ Montessori Preschool. Both of my
girls have become very knowledgeable and confident young children and I feel strongly that it is a huge result of this school. Teacher Bonnie is a wonderful educator who really gets to know her students and teaches them in the best way for that individual child.
- Elizabeth Avila Barnes, President MOMS Club West 2012

I know Ella's excitement for learning and how far she has grown came because of your love of teaching and because you are a "seasoned" teacher.  To have found you among all of these preschools that talk the "good" talk but can't walk the talk was truly God's blessing.
- Forever thankful, Ruth Lee 2011

I love watching my children grow and learn and I like building close friendships with the other moms.
- Robyn Johnson Kyle age 7 (class of 2002) and Lena age 5 (class of 2004)

Joining the co-op has been a rewarding and priceless experience for my daughter and me. The sense of security and the friendships we have gained have enriched our lives more than I thought possible. My daughter has learned so much and has truly blossomed under Bonnie’s teaching, love and care.
- Kristen Snow Zoe age 5 (class of 2004) and J.C. 4 months old

Teacher Bonnie’s co-op has provided both of my children with a strong sense of belonging, self-confidence, and Kindergarten readiness. The range of learning and growing experiences cannot be matched by a traditional drop-off preschool. Bonnie’s temperament, training, and continuous hard work pay off immensely in the children’s academic and personal success.
- Andrea Goodwin Christopher age 7 (class of 2002) and Katie age 6 (class of 2004)

Three-year-old Emmett was ready for preschool. Mom was not. I was so happy when I found Bonnie. My Friends’ Montessori was the perfect solution for our family. Emmett received the enrichment he needed with Mom close by, and my 1-year –old had a playgroup. Soon to be 3, she will be in Bonnie’s next class. The off-site experiences are also invaluable; many places you intend to take your kids but don’t, and others you had no idea existed. This is a unique opportunity that should not be overlooked.
- Frieda Taylor Emmett age 5 (class of 2004) and Erin age 3 (class of 2006)

Bonnie Wacker’s school has provided both my children with a warm and nurturing environment. More than just preparing them academically for kindergarten, my children have learned the social skills necessary for becoming young members of society. In Bonnie’s daily program she teaches self-respect, independence, and self-worth. My Friends’ Montessori Co-op is a wonderful choice for any parent who wants to be a part of their child’s academic experience.
- Maggie Malinowski Michael age 8 (class of 2002) Madeline age 6 (class of 2004)