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The Curriculum

I use an incredible mixture of training (Montessori, Occupational Therapy, Music Education, Fine arts, Sensori-Motor movement, music and dance, performance based programming, Linda Moodbell speech language therapy) and create my own unique blend of mindful, smart, sensitive education for young children. I teach the alphabet through kinesthetic movement like a “phonetic ballet” and guide the kids to understand the alphabet through sound and movement. The Montessori philosophy and materials are infused with current educational methods that have been researched to show effectiveness in brain development and early learning. The curriculum has a strong music program, arts emphasis (we study 3-4 masters per year), academic learning skills, phonetic language program, sensori-motor activities, botany/gardening, self-care skills, arts and crafts and field trip experiential learning. Two days per week we have preschool at Teacher Bonnie’s. The third day is a field trip to a park, hike or educational setting. Parents participate by cleaning up the outside environment on Wednesday at 12:15pm and by attending field trips on Thursdays. Parent involvement ensures the implementation of the phonetic language program at home.

This is what the typical day looks like:

The first hour starts inside with the child choosing his/her own work to accomplish fine-motor skill tasks, phonetic and math skills. Each child does some individualized one-on-one instruction with a teacher in phonetic language pre-reading skills. This is followed by a half hour music circle where the children use a variety of percussion instruments. During this circle time the teacher covers the thematic area of study and the letter of the month. After putting on their shoes and getting backpacks, we line up and sing math and finger-play songs in English and in Spanish. We also practice an alphabet kinesthetic chant song and our head count.

The second hour is outside in my beautiful English garden. We begin by creating a new obstacle course each week to build the child’s large motor planning “brain development” abilities. Then the child proceeds to the snack area to prepare his/her own snack and clean up by washing his/her own dishes. Snack time is a “practical life” activity and builds the child’s self-confidence and processing skills. This is followed by free choice play time of bubble play, tactile digging in bird seed pits or the sand box, several climbing and swinging options, watering the plants, gardening, washing windows with a squirt bottle and squeegee, catching butterflies or picking flowers. During this time small groups are brought to participate in a child centered art or craft activity. We conclude this time with a half hour story time and lunch time. The children practice grace and courtesy by saying, “Would you like one?” and answering, “Yes, please or no thank you.” Parents participate on Wednesday by cleaning up the outside environment. All activities are developmentally appropriate for children 3 to 5 years of age.

The off-site field trips on Thursday:

We begin by having a circle time that reinforces what we are studying on Tuesday and Wednesday at school. It includes music and movement, reinforcement of the phonetic letter of the week, puppet play, instruments and hands-on participation of the basics of music. We then tour the museum or hike the park to learn about the area. We take advantage of the motor planning opportunities of going to different parks and using new equipment each week. Sometimes the parents work with the children on specific skills, such as, ball throwing, skipping, or cooperative play. The emphasis is on large motor skill activities and educational exposure in natural settings to learn about botany and nature. We will visit parks, hiking areas or educational settings. Parking fees to these activities are not included in tuition. Admission to the venues is included in tuition.

We are different, unique and extraordinary!

My Friends’ Montessori Preschool is for you…

  • If you are looking for an outstanding alternative preschool education, not just something ordinary.
  • If you think that exploring and hands-on experience with nature is invaluable to young minds.
  • If you think that music, dance and art is the way to teach young children, to reach them, engage them and delight them. The shear enjoyment of moving their bodies, singing or playing instruments to teach them a lifelong love of dance and music. Or creating and experimenting with different art mediums and studying the masters is wonderful and fun!
  • If you think that a beautiful garden in which to explore, dig and find insects is the best way to learn about nature, our earth and just plain have fun!
  • That phonetic pre-reading skills can be taught to preschoolers and that they want to learn to read!
  • That to teach a child how to take care of himself is encouraging and builds their self-esteem and feelings of being a capable human being.
  • That motivation starts with giving a child doable, manageable task that increases in difficulty as they are accomplished and mastered.
  • That children love to learn about thrilling topics like sharks, volcanoes, butterflies and dinosaurs.
  • That your child’s first teachers will impact your child’s love of learning for a lifetime and that they are capable, inspirational and educated in music, dance, art, yoga, horticulture, early childhood education and loves to teach.
  • And, that you love to watch your child grow and want to pitch-in and be involved in their preschool experience. Then you will love My Friends’ Montessori Preschool Coop. We are all these things and more. Come see why we are different, unique and extraordinary.